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An Accessible World For All


Accessible travel is the fastest growing segment of the travel industry with over 1.5 billion potential business and leisure travelers with exponential buying power. ​


Maahs Travels works across the globe to redefine accessible travel, provide accessibility, diversity and inclusion training, and define market potential and strategies to attract more people to your destination. 


Led by Fred Maahs, Jr. who as a corporate senior executive traveled the world for more than 30 years, he knows first-hand the challenges and roadblocks placed on someone with a disability. Fred and his team provide sensible solutions to minimize roadblocks while at the same time improve the overall customer experience. 

Working with city planners, government officials, corporate leaders, and ministries of tourism; our Consultants make the world more accessible. 


More inclusive.


A better place for all.

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Ideas & Inspiration

Everyone with the desire to travel should be able to experience this wonderful world of ours.

Maahs Travels has traveled all over the world, consulting with resorts, amusement parks, wildlife preserves and more to make vacation environments more accessible and enjoyable for all visitors and guests. 

And if Maahs Travels hasn’t been to the destination you desire, we still can help you create your journey and inspire you to visit places that you might never have thought possible.

Check out Fred’s travel log and relatable articles from other adventure travelers with a point of view. Read Melange, Accessibility for All magazine at, for ideas and inspiration on the places you can go!

Plan & Book

Fred knows how challenging and time-consuming it can be to plan a trip with specific needs, especially when traveling abroad. It can take weeks and even months to map out every leg of the trip to assure your transport, accommodations and activities are all accessible and safe for you to experience.

Through our partnership with Travel for All, Maahs Travels makes it easier for you to plan your trip. We can book travel, accommodations, tours and attractions, plus everything that you require to ensure your journeys exceed your expectations so you can explore the beauty of the world!

Click here to connect with a Travel Specialist to help create your memorable journey!

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FRED Talks

Maahs Travels Founder, Fred Maahs, Jr., has been the subject of many publications and articles for his accomplishments as a devoted champion for making the world more accessible for those with disabilities.  He repeatedly makes the compelling case to broaden accessibility and market to people with disabilities; and, why this is good for business.

He has shared his personal and professional journeys with countless audiences around the world from D.C. to Dubai; Greece to Georgia; Israel to the Islands of the Caribbean; and brings his inspirational story to every engagement with his passionate and empowering presence. He engages audiences both large and small, from corporate engagements where he speaks to hundreds of tourism professionals or smaller settings with senior leadership or government officials.

Let's Explore

Let's chat and discover some opportunities...

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